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9 Ideas for Food Travel Souvenirs

Our souvenir haul from Italy was huge and it was all food!

It included a case of wine, three bottles of grappa, a bottle of lemoncello, and three half wheels of cheese.  That may sound strange to you, but we’re foodies so our souvenirs tend to fall into the food and drink category.  Our trip to Bavaria yielded four ceramic beer mugs and a bottle of Sporer schnapps.  Thailand, a dinner table runner and collection of cookbooks.  Colombia, a hand painted serving tray.  Costa Rica, a collection of rums.  Mexico, various tequilas and a few bottles of pure vanilla extract.  Grenada, a variety of hard to find spices.  New York City, Fat Witch brownies.

Food Travel Souvenirs from Italy

Souvenirs From Italy – Now That’s a Heck of a Party!

Each culinary delight or fine spirit is savored over time, reminding us of tastes beyond our borders.  Often our delights are shared with friends and family as fine food and drink should be.  I was excited to open a bottle of wine from the vineyard we stayed at in Italy with my parents, and Mrs. G. couldn’t wait to pop the cork off a pink prosecco with the neighborhood ladies.

Our collection of gourmand souvenirs just skims the surface of possibilities.  Below are nine ideas for food travel souvenirs:

  1. National Liquor – Birch Liquor from Iceland, Fernet from Argentina, Aguardiente from Colombia
  2. Sweets – Chocolate from Brussels (Or almost anywhere), Macaroons from Paris, Dulce de Leche from Argentina, Tokyo Banana from Japan
  3. Spices and Salts – Saffron from Spain, Pink Salt from Peru, Merquén from Chile
  4. Truffles – Don’t just savor them overseas, buy a jar to bring home. They are much cheaper in France or Italy than in the States
  5. Cheese – Parmigiano Reggiano from Italy, Berner Hobelkaese from Germany, Maasdammer from Holland
  6. Coffee or Tea –Tea from London, Coffee from Costa Rica, Mate from Argentina
  7. Local Cookware, Drink ware, and Utensils – Olive Wood Utensils from Spain, Chopsticks from Korea, Rice Steamer from Thailand, Tandoor from India, Ceramic Tequila Glass Set from Mexico
  8. Bottle of Wine – Brunello di Montalcino from Italy, Pinot Noir from New Zealand, Chenin Blanc from South Africa
  9. Condiments and Jarred Sauces – Olive oil from Israel, Mole from Mexico, Ají Sauce from Ecuador, Local honeys

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Food Travel Souvenirs - Tequila Set

Tequila Drinking Set from Mexico – Bottoms up!

What did we miss?  What are your favorite food travel souvenirs?