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Life with Baby Gourmand

I have a few trolls in The Wandering Gourmand community. They recently surfaced on two occasions – the announcement of my wife’s pregnancy and then again on our son’s birth.     Both posts were immediately followed with comments of “your traveling days are over,” “you’ll never eat out again,” and “get used to chicken nuggets instead of chicken cacciatore.” Normally they follow the spite with a muahaha to show that the…

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A Taste of St Lucia Cuisine

I knew from the first bite of fish cake at the manager’s reception that I was going to like the cuisine of Fond Doux Resort and Plantation. It wasn’t a morsel of food pulled from the freezer, thawed, and then heated. Nor was it a perfectly shaped masterpiece surrounded with an artist’s drizzle of dipping sauce, meant more for the eye than the mouth. Instead, each fish cake on the platter was…

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What to Eat in Hong Kong – Hipmunk City Love

Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures uniting expats from throughout Asia, mainland China, and other far-flung corners of the world. Each of those cultures brings its own cuisine helping the city to create a culinary scene where almost any ethnic food is available. Many wealthy residents and visitors are also attracted to the city’s open business scene. Fine dining establishments have followed their wallets helping further to define Hong Kong…

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A Foodie Guide to Dubai – Hipmunk City Love

We all know about the outrageous and the uber expensive in Dubai. Stories of palm tree shaped manmade islands, Ferrari World, and an indoor ski park in the desert make crazy and splashy headlines. Then there’s the chic shopping and the ultimate in five-star hotels in Dubai. That story’s been told. But what about the food? Like the rest of Dubai, the food scene is just as varied offering travelers a range…

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Our First Meal in Cape Town

Good food and good wine has the ability to unite. To bring people together who otherwise might not be friends due to age, socio-economic, or other life differences. Happy taste buds and uplifted souls draw smiles to our faces that engage others by breaking barriers and inviting both laughter and conversation. Our first meal in Cape Town did just that. We were by far the youngest participants on our African Culinary Adventure….

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Best Foodie Hotels in San Francisco – Hipmunk City Love

I love to explore the local food scene when I visit a city, and San Francisco has one of the best. I spend many hours researching blogs and reading restaurant reviews, pinpointing the best gastronomical finds. I admit that I completely ignore my hotel restaurant. Something in my subconscious tells me that no hotel restaurant can deliver a good meal, or that they’re too dang expensive. But sometimes, I’m tired. It’s been…

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Best Meals in the World

A good meal is more than just a restaurant. In fact, a good meal doesn’t even have to take place in a restaurant. It could be a meal you’ve cooked in your own house to enjoy with friends and family. It could be a mystery dish you bought from a street vendor in Vietnam or a regional specialty in Singapore that tastes great no matter who made it. Or, in my story…

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A Gourmand’s Itinerary for Visiting Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria carries with it a rather long list of “must-see” attractions to experience all the city’s grandeur. For starters, visitors must visit at least one the Habsburg’s grand palaces – the Schonbrunn or Hofburg. When you’re done touring the Hofburg, you might as well stop by the Spanish Riding School and watch the horses perform maneuvers to the waltz. Speaking of music, don’t forget to visit Mozart’s house. Then there’s the…

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Best Restaurants in the World – Part Two

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is eat. But not at the chain restaurants. I want taste like the locals. I want to eat what they’re eating and where they’re eating. I want to gorge on local dishes, not another hamburger. Thus, I thought it would be a cool idea to ask some of the top travel bloggers what they’re favorite restaurant was. Below is part two of their…

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Best Restaurants in the World – Part One

A couple of weeks ago I reached out to some of the top travel, food, craft beer, and wine bloggers in the world and asked them a not so simple question. “What’s the best restaurant in the world?” Below is part one of their answers for Best Restaurants in the World. The taste voyage spans from Laos to Ecuador to Portugal with some exciting stops in between. Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler, Canada…

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