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Visiting the Vienna Wine Gardens

Visiting the Vienna wine gardens, located in the Vienna Woods, can seem daunting to first-time visitors, as the Vienna Woods aren’t exactly central to the tourist path. Thus, many newbies tend to skip them. This is a huge mistake! Much like beer plays an integral part in Munich’s culture, wine plays a major role in Vienna’s culture. In fact, Vienna is the only major metropolitan city in the world to boast 1,700 acres…

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Where to Eat Breakfast in Belfast – From Belfast Baps to an Authentic Ulster Fry

“Northern Ireland has had so little to be proud of that we cling to our food,” our tour guide describes Belfast’s food scene. Dotted throughout Belfast are reminders of the nation’s violent past – peace murals that are anything but peaceful, schools still divided by religious and political beliefs, and neighborhoods decorated with either Union Jack or Irish flags. As the dust settles on the Good Friday Peace Agreement, the world is…

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Belfast Beer Guide – More than just Guinness and Harp

I realize that a beer guide to Belfast might sound a wee ridiculous. It’s Northern Ireland, after all. Doesn’t beer flow like the rain falls from the sky? Isn’t there a pub on every corner? All very true statements. But this isn’t a pub guide to Belfast. This is a Belfast beer guide intended to highlight the city’s growing craft beer scene by directing readers towards the best restaurants, pubs, and beer…

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Lough Erne Food Tour Review – My First Taste of Northern Ireland

I was tired. The kind of tired you only feel after a restless, overnight flight. The kind of tired where both your body and mind tell you that you should indeed be sleeping. But something presses you on. Adrenaline, maybe? The excitement of a new land? This is how I felt as I loaded onto the Erne Water Taxi for their Lough Erne Food Tour in the Fermanagh lake region of Northern…

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72 Hours in Belfast – Beer, Food, Politics, and Beauty

Day 1 – 72 Hours in Belfast 9:33 am – Not the Way to Welcome a Travel Writer As a travel writer, I don’t expect a lot from a host destination. I don’t expect them to slaughter the fatted calf, open a bottle of their rarest vintage, or offer up the village virgin. What I do expect is for them to let me into the damn country – which almost didn’t happen…

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Gourmand Worthy Hotels – Lough Erne Resort in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

As if you couldn’t tell from my previous hotel reviews, I like to be spoiled. Even in my beercation itineraries, I tend to recommend higher end hotels. Sometimes, my readers give me pushback. “I prefer Airbnb. Much cheaper.”     That’s true. However, when I travel, I want to be spoiled. I want the finest linens available to grace my skin, beds that I can sink into, and staff that bends over…

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Brewery Snapshot – Boundary Brewing in Belfast, Northern Ireland

I’m pretty stoked about this month’s Brewery Snapshot, which features Boundary Brewing in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Not only does the post paint a bright future for what’s in store for Northern Ireland’s craft beer scene, it also kick starts a new series on the blog focusing on beer and food in the once troubled country. I couldn’t think of a better way to launch a series on Belfast than with Boundary Brewing….

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Things to Know When Attending Starkbierfest in Munich

Thinking of planning a trip this fall to Munich to attend Oktoberfest? If it’s an authentic German festival you’re after, then I’d recommend thinking again. It’s true that Oktoberfest may be one of the world’s largest parties with over 6 million people in attendance over the 16-day event. However, how many of those people do you think are actually German? Not as many as you’d believe. Instead, consider attending Starkbierfest, Munich’s lesser-known…

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Experience the New French Culinary Adventure

As Chef Sidney Bond of Le Calabash often says when talking about current affairs, “It’s a mad world that we live in.” With terrorist events stretching from Brussels to California to Bangladesh, I couldn’t agree with him more. Yet, as I sat in Le Calabash’s authentic French country kitchen getting ready to enjoy A French Culinary Adventure’s welcome dinner, a Taste of the Loire Valley, I couldn’t feel further away from that madness.     On the first day of the tour, my group gathered…

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Restaurant Snapshot: ‘T Molenhof Review in Oostvleteren, Belgium

One of my favorite movie quotes of all time comes from Spike in the movie Notting Hill. William comes home to find his eccentric roommate wearing a scuba costume. Bewildered, William asks, “Incidentally, uh, why are you wearing that?” “A combination of factors, really,” responds Spike, like he hadn’t given a second thought to the ridiculousness of his outfit. Deep. I know.     But that exact quote describes my day from…

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