Get Started Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is where I’ve had the most success since I left corporate America to become a full-time writer-entrepreneur. Admittedly, I was rather clueless at first. I didn’t have a degree in journalism and hadn’t the foggiest idea on how or where to begin. But, I managed to get started freelance writing.

The following resources helped me get started freelance writing. My first month alone I netted over $500 working just 20 hours throughout the month. That’s an average rate of $25 an hour! My income level has only increased since then to the point that I can proudly state that I’m making a fulltime living as a freelance writer.

The truth is you, too, can easily have a successful career in freelance writing without a degree in journalism or a professional writing background. These freelance writing resources helped me, and I promise they will help you, too.



Get Started with a Blog

The biggest hurdle that keeps potential writers from pursuing a career or side hustle in freelance writing is the lack of a portfolio. Editors are going to want to see something you’ve written.

The good news is, now is easier than ever to show them that something with a blog!

To get started blogging, check out my How to Start a Blog page. It has all the tools you need to launch a professional looking blog and web presence that will help you wow editors without a portfolio of bylines.


An Intro to Freelance Writing

30 Days or Less to Freelance WritingI began my freelance writing career not by attending journalism school but by enrolling in an E-Course to learn the ins and outs of starting my freelance career – where to look for gigs, how to pitch gigs, etc. A month later, I made over $500 as a direct result of the course. In my opinion, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing is the best course on the market to help launch a successful freelance career.


Getting Started in Travel Writing

Superstar Blogging – If your aim is to launch a travel writing career – and there’s a good chance that it is since you’re visiting my travel blog – then I highly recommend that you join Superstar Blogging’s How to be Travel Writer course. Being a successful travel writer involves an entirely different skills set than traditional freelance writing. You have to couple together not only pitching, winning, and writing assignments, but also working with tourism boards to help sponsor your travel so those travel expenses don’t eat too much into your profit. Superstar Blogging’s How to be a Travel Writer course will get you there.


Super Star Blogging