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The Wandering Gourmand – What’s that Mean?

I get that question a lot. While everybody knows what the word wandering means – roaming – most aren’t familiar with gourmand. It’s also kind of hard to pronounce and sounds a tad bit duechy. Allow me to enlighten you for a moment.



Gourmand means a person who is fond of good eating and drinking. And, in my opinion, there’s nothing duechy about that. It’s what I call good living.

So, you put those two definitions together and you have the essence of my blog. The Wandering Gourmand is a craft beer and food travel blog. I also sparingly toss in a few other topics of interest to my readers like family travel and blogging business posts.


Is the Wandering Gourmand Some Kind of Superhero?

By now, you’re probably envisioning the man behind the Wandering Gourmand as a chubby super hero in a mask and cape. While I may be chubby (according to my scale and wife), I am far from a super hero. I’m a regular guy in a black t-shirt and trucker hat that turned his passions into a fulltime writing and blogging career.



You may have read some of my articles in national outlets like Craft Beer, TripIt, Travel Mamas, Hipmunk, Trip101, and TravelVersed or in local Charlotte outlets (where I live) like Charlotte Five, Charlotte Happenings, and Charlotte Parent. I’ve also appeared on the local NBC affiliate’s show Charlotte Today, the Cheers Charlotte podcast, and Dubai Today. Like I said though, I’m just a regular guy who puts my jeans on one leg at a time.


Craft Beer Travel

The majority of posts on this blog revolve around craft beer travel. I don’t do this in an attempt to chase the craft beer movement that is sweeping across the world right now. I started this blog way too long ago to be a trend chaser.



Beer has always been a passion of mine along with travel. I was the guy in college who would snub his nose at kegs of Natty Ice and instead bring a six-pack of Columbus Pale Ale to parties. It was the closest microbrewery (that’s what craft beer was called back then) to Athens, Ohio that distributed, and it was so worth the extra money.

Some of my most popular beer travel posts are:

For a full list of my beer travel resources, please check out my Craft Beer Travel Guides page.


Food Travel

I’ve been a foodie since I was old enough to slide a stool up to the kitchen counter and help my grandfather roll out homemade spaghetti. That passion led me to convince a cadre of picky eaters to try guinea pig while studying abroad in Ecuador and to eat mopane worms in Namibia. Neither tasted like chicken, I might add…



Popular food travel posts include:


Family Travel

If a couple drinks enough beer, that eventually leads to children. Thus, about a year and a half ago, I added family travel to my writing repertoire. While the majority of my family travel articles appear in Travel Mamas or Charlotte Parent Magazine, some do show up here on The Wandering Gourmand like:



Blogging / Freelance Writing / Online Business Career Posts

I’m almost as passionate about blogging and online business as I am about travel. Why? Because the freedom and money that comes with running a location independent business is the best way to allow you the time and resources to travel.



Thus, I want to help others launch a similar career with resources like:

I also run an online course 15 Steps to Sponsored Blog Travel.


Thank you for checking out the Wandering Gourmand! I look forward to connecting with you in the comments sections of my posts or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



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