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Hipmunk Hotels: Northeast Summer Festivals in Annapolis, Jersey City, Providence, and More

As the cold weather melts away, regions that tend to experience the brunt of Mother Winter start to come alive. It always amazes me how they make the most of the little sunshine that they have through an endless number of summer festivals. The Northeast is a great example. Cities like Annapolis, Jersey City, and Providence delight in shedding their parkas for t-shirts and flip-flops. Here are five festivals that celebrate the…

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An Afternoon at the Charlotte Knights Stadium

Sunday was one of those days that helped remind me why I love living in Charlotte so much. Neighbors invited us to go with them to the Charlotte Knights game, the Queen City’s minor league baseball game. It was Princess Day at the ballpark and little girls were encouraged to dress up in their best princess dresses to attend the game and run the bases afterwards. I realize we have a boy…

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15 Surprising Vendors You’ll Find at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment

Often times, travel surprises us. It’s the reason behind the thrill that keeps us going, that keeps us exploring. We long for those moments that leave us saying, “I can’t believe I ate a guinea pig,” or “I can’t believe how beautiful Belfast was.” My trip to Huntsville provided several such moments that left me saying, “I can’t believe this is in Alabama.” Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment sits at the top…

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April Blog Income Report (And Traffic, Too)

I’m not sure which phrase best describes April for me. It could be either “April showers bring May flowers” or “April fools!” Both would probably describe the mixed bag April was after coming off of an awesome March. Some amazing things happened in April. I went on two incredible press trips. The first trip was at the beginning of the month. I spent four days at the King and Prince Resort in…

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Open Streets 704 Recap

Our Charlotte Adventures took a brief hiatus as Bryan traveled to Ireland for a week. Don’t worry. He didn’t leave me all alone. My mother stayed with Deacon and I, and we had a great time catching up. Now he’s back and the adventures continue as he described on Charlotte Today earlier this week (he’s a little too shy to share a link to his second television appearance, but I’m not). This…

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Taproom Talk: Straight to Ale in Huntsville, Alabama

In this edition of Taproom Talk, I sat down with Matt Broadhurst, Operations Manager at Straight to Ale in Huntsville, Alabama. As our conversation unfolded and the tap room opened, a few regulars also chimed in. This very well could be the most entertaining Taproom Talk interview I’ve conducted to date as I not only learned more about Straight to Ale but also the local Huntsville food and craft beer scene through…

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Restaurant Snapshot: ‘T Molenhof Review in Oostvleteren, Belgium

One of my favorite movie quotes of all time comes from Spike in the movie Notting Hill. William comes home to find his eccentric roommate wearing a scuba costume. Bewildered, William asks, “Incidentally, uh, why are you wearing that?” “A combination of factors, really,” responds Spike, like he hadn’t given a second thought to the ridiculousness of his outfit. Deep. I know.     But that exact quote describes my day from…

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Hipmunk Hotels: Unique Midwestern Restaurants in Peoria, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and More

One of the perks of being a traveling salesman was the food. No matter where I traveled, I made it my mission to look passed the easy choice of chain restaurants and seek out the hidden gems. Much like in your own hometown, cities across the United States are filled with local eateries serving delicious food. This is especially true in the Midwest. Traditions from early immigrants are honored alongside modern American…

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