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Hipmunk Hotels: Creative Food Festivals in Keystone, Ashland, and Glendale

I’ve been covering a lot of food festivals here on The Wandering Gourmand and in my freelance writing. My recent interest in food festivals is peaked for a variety of reasons. First, food festivals help further define the “eat local” movement by highlighting local ingredients and their many creative uses. Second, many food festivals honor local traditions that date back generations. Third, as most of these festivals are family friendly, they are…

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Lessons Learned From My Son

Last Saturday should have been beautiful. It was the first summer weekend in Charlotte when I wasn’t out of town or it wasn’t raining. The skies were bright and the temperatures were in the mid-90s. It was the perfect day for soaking in a watering hole as so many Charlotteans do on hot summer afternoons.     Friends invited us out on their boat for an afternoon of swimming and cooking out….

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The Best Denver Craft Beer Festivals that AREN’T the Great American Beer Festival

Yes, the Great American Beer Festival is amazing and an event that every craft beer faithful should make a pilgrimage to at least once in their lifetime. However, it’s massively overwhelming as it attracts nearly every craft brewery from across the country. It doesn’t really provide beer tourists with a true taste of the local craft beer scene for which the Mile High City and state of Colorado is so well known….

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Brewery Snapshot: Yellowhammer Brewing in Huntsville, Alabama

Of all the breweries that I visited in Huntsville, Alabama, I was most anticipating Yellowhammer Brewing. I had no real “beer” reason for my interest. I had never sampled their product before, nor had I even heard of Yellowhammer Brewing. However, the reaction of every brewer I met on my Huntsville beer tour told me there was something special going on at Yellowhammer Brewing.     The conversations all went like this:…

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Experience the New French Culinary Adventure

As Chef Sidney Bond of Le Calabash often says when talking about current affairs, “It’s a mad world that we live in.” With terrorist events stretching from Brussels to California to Bangladesh, I couldn’t agree with him more. Yet, as I sat in Le Calabash’s authentic French country kitchen getting ready to enjoy A French Culinary Adventure’s welcome dinner, a Taste of the Loire Valley, I couldn’t feel further away from that madness.     On the first day of the tour, my group gathered…

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Income Report

May 2016 Travel Blog Income Report (And Traffic, Too)

Maybe April showers really do bring spring flowers! Last month, I looked at my travel blog income report with panic as both income and traffic slipped backwards in April. I wasn’t sure if “April fools” or “April showers bring May flowers” properly described the results.     I tried to remain optimistic as I knew April was an abnormal month since I: Went on two press trips (I normally only do one)…

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21 Essential Tips for A Successful Road Trip with a Baby

The midnight feedings were over and Deacon was mostly sleeping through the night. Thus, we decided to embark on our first family mini-vacation. Over Easter weekend, we took our first road trip with a baby to visit grandma and grandpa in The Villages, Florida. While the prospect of an eight-hour road trip with a baby might sound like a recipe for disaster, it really wasn’t. We did a lot of research on…

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A Guide to Tokyo Craft Beer

What I love most about the craft beer movement is that it’s not isolated to any one country. Sure, the United States may appear to be at the forefront, but wherever I go on my travels — from Barcelona to Cape Town to Rome — I find a birth in the local craft beer movement that is unique to the city or country. Japan, and Tokyo in particular, is no exception to…

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An Edible Tour of Marathon, Florida

Partner Post: The Florida Keys are home to five districts, each with their own personality and attractions that make visitors feel like they are a world away. Stretching only ten miles, the islands of Marathon are right in the middle of the chain of the Keys islands. Traditionally a home to fishing and marine activities and beachside restaurants, the city loves its stone crab, lobster, and other fresh seafood that come straight…

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Hipmunk Hotels: Unique Southern Vacations in Panama City, Augusta, Durham, and More

Life is slower here in the South. The people are friendlier, the tea is sweater, and the weather is warmer, which is why so many Northerners head this way for their vacations. However, most never stray from the meccas of Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, and Orlando. Bless your hearts, but if don’t move beyond those tourist hotspots filled with chain restaurants and clichéd fun, then you really aren’t experiencing the best that the…

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