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2015 Year in Travel (and Blog) Review!!!

What an amazing year 2015 was!!! I want thank you, dear reader, for following the journey throughout the year. Without your continued support of the blog and cheerleading, none of this would have been possible.     I want to start off 2016 by first recapping 2015. I realize that many bloggers posted their 2015 Year in Reviews in 2015, and I am late to the game. I have my reason, though:…

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12 Photos That Will Make You Want to Hike the Coves and Coastal Paths in Palafrugell, Spain

Most of my time in Costa Brava, Spain was spent in Lloret de Mar. While the city was a gracious host for our writers’ conference, it wasn’t my speed. It was a bit too spring breaky for me. Think Myrtle Beach, Jersey Shore, or Daytona, but in Catalonia. It was far from what I pictured idyllic Costa Brava to be. The coastal town of Calella outside of Palafrugell is what I had…

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Flors Violes Festival in Palafrugell, Spain and One of the Best Meals Ever

I admit to being a little drunk as I stumbled into what our itinerary listed as “lunch with the locals” in Palafrugell, Spain. Breathless, I finally found the right alleyway where the restaurant was hidden that our tour guide pointed out earlier “in case we got lost.” I was lost and spent the previous hour hoofing it down random alleys, each one presenting hope that it was in fact the right alley,…

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Hotel Review – The Omni Charlotte Hotel

Omni Charlotte Hotel Review We dropped our bags as we entered our executive suite at the Omni Charlotte Hotel and immediately ran to one of the windows that flanked the walls of our hotel room. I say “windows” because the room was so massive that my wife and I had a choice of which one we thought provided the best view of Uptown Charlotte. I opted for the point, looking down on…

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Our Staycation in Charlotte, North Carolina

It’s strange being a tourist in your own town. As locals, we tend to take things for granted. Landmarks that bear so much significance to our city’s history become blurs on our daily commute. Monuments and statues lose their meaning and become directional beacons. Art museums are forgotten and reserved for school field trips. Downtown has become a place where we used to hang out in our younger days. And yet, we…

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Weekend Getaway to Catalina Island

As my wife approaches her due date (less than a week away), I’ve enlisted the help of some fellow travel bloggers to keep up with regular postings. This first post comes from Sadie of Eclectic Trekker. You may also notice a new look to the site. I’m working on a new design so please excuse the dust as I finish off the final touches. As I read Sadie’s post, I was reminded of my one and…

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A Photo Montage of Fond Doux Plantation and Resort

I know, I know. Enough already about your trip to Fond Doux Plantation and Resort in St Lucia. We get it. It was awesome. The problem is that I can’t help but to herald the praise of a resort that seems to be doing everything right – Green Globe certified, organic produce grown on site for the kitchen, stunning grounds. Not to mention it was the perfect place for a Wandering Gourmand…

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A Taste of St Lucia Cuisine

I knew from the first bite of fish cake at the manager’s reception that I was going to like the cuisine of Fond Doux Resort and Plantation. It wasn’t a morsel of food pulled from the freezer, thawed, and then heated. Nor was it a perfectly shaped masterpiece surrounded with an artist’s drizzle of dipping sauce, meant more for the eye than the mouth. Instead, each fish cake on the platter was…

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When a Resort Does the Right Thing

I’d call Lyton and Eroline Lamontagne, owners of Fond Doux Plantation and Resort in St Lucia, trendsetters in sustainable tourism, but I’m not really sure that they are. Trendsetters typically set out with a goal in mind of driving others to follow their lead, that “Hey! Look at me!” mentality. Anyone who has met the entrepreneurial couple will tell you that’s not the case. They simply did what they felt was right…

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Experiencing an African Culinary Adventure with Le Calabash

It’s funny how a bowl of fried mopane worms can make a dinner table full of adults giggle like schoolchildren. As the bowl passed around the table at Xwama, a restaurant in Windhoek, Namibia featuring traditional dishes, taunts of “you eat one” were followed by retorts of “no, you eat one.” It seemed like everyone had succumbed to playground antics of daring one another to stick their tongues on a metal flagpole….

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