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Experiencing an African Culinary Adventure with Le Calabash

It’s funny how a bowl of fried mopane worms can make a dinner table full of adults giggle like schoolchildren. As the bowl passed around the table at Xwama, a restaurant in Windhoek, Namibia featuring traditional dishes, taunts of “you eat one” were followed by retorts of “no, you eat one.” It seemed like everyone had succumbed to playground antics of daring one another to stick their tongues on a metal flagpole….

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Mitchells Brewery in Cape Town, South Africa

I wasn’t excited when I saw that the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa was on our African Culinary Adventure itinerary. So what if it’s Africa’s largest shopping and entertainment center. I didn’t travel around the world to shop. I came to taste and adventure. I could see its usefulness for dinner, but outside of the evening hours, I wanted nothing to do with it, let alone an entire afternoon. So…

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What Happens When Disaster Strikes on Your Vacation?

What Would You Do If Disaster Struck on Your Vacation? I don’t pose that question to scare readers, but as something to seriously ponder. Would you be prepared or ready if disaster struck on your vacation? Let’s take a look at a situation. You’re having lunch and receive an email that your lodging for the next night has burned down. If you’re traveling alone and in a big city, you might spend…

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Our First Meal in Cape Town

Good food and good wine has the ability to unite. To bring people together who otherwise might not be friends due to age, socio-economic, or other life differences. Happy taste buds and uplifted souls draw smiles to our faces that engage others by breaking barriers and inviting both laughter and conversation. Our first meal in Cape Town did just that. We were by far the youngest participants on our African Culinary Adventure….

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Visiting Table Mountain

I often wondered what it felt like to be Zeus looking down upon my dominion. To peer through the haze of clouds at my cities and villages. To send waves crashing to the shore with the single flick of my finger. To force dangerous winds upon my subjects with a hurried exhale to extol upon them that I am their God. Only I wasn’t in Greece but South Africa. Cape Town to…

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Zevenwacht Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa

A Reintroduction to South African Wine It had been quite some time since I sipped a South African wine.  The last one was in a gimmicky bottle with bright colors and an animal name marketed to compete against the fruit bombs that were all the rage coming out of Australia.  I remember preferring the South African juice to the Australian as it was more nuanced.  Yet, for some reason, I stopped buying…

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Exploring the Cape Town Craft Beer Scene

Our tour to South Africa had a huge focus on wine.  And while I love wine, I couldn’t travel across the world without exploring the Cape Town craft beer scene.  We arrived the night before the tour began and stayed in Central Cape Town.  This was our chance for some grain before an immersion in grapes. Our hotel was a few blocks from Devil’s Peak Brewery with both award winning beers and…

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