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ANOTHER GIVEAWAY + Why JORD Wood Watches Are Boss

I love my smartwatch. I love that it helps me achieve my fitness goals by keeping track of my steps, heart rate, and daily calorie burn. I love that I can text with it, screen phone calls, and order an Uber without having to remember where my phone is. I also love that it helps eliminate the distractions caused by my smartphone—I can’t get caught in a feedback loop of checking each of my social media accounts over-and-over again to see how many likes my latest post has every time I respond to a text.

What I don’t love about my smartwatch is also what I love so much about it—I’m always connected!


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I don’t know about you, but I need a break from after-hours emails from clients, entertaining (and at times annoying) texts from my fantasy football league’s smack talk chain, and reminders that my fat ass needs to get up and walk. I need to unplug and enjoy an uninterrupted date with my wife or playtime with my son.

That’s why I love my JORD (pronounced yode) wood watch. It’s unconnected and appeals to my hippy, granola eating yet still SUV driving ways.


JORD Wood Watch Review - Make a sustainable fashion statement with a JORD wood watch. They’re a stylish, comfortable, and versatile way to up your fashion game.



It’s a conversation starter.

Imagine this. A bunch of dudes are floating on a Tampa Bay booze cruise for a bachelor party. Instead of talking about our antics from the night before (don’t worry, they were mostly innocent), we’re talking about how cool one of the guy’s wooden watch is. #truestory


I get mad compliments.

I was stopped walking down the aisle of a plane because another passenger had to know what kind of watch I was wearing. This is one example of many. Don’t be surprised if strangers ask to touch the watch either. They don’t quite believe that it’s real wood.


It comes in a variety of styles.

Mine is Hyde. I chose it because it offers that minimalist look that matches my general sense of style (jeans and plain black t-shirts are like 50% of my wardrobe). The face is sleek and modern, and the walnut wood grain is offset by tasteful stainless steel hinges. If you prefer a more traditional style watch, check out the Frankie; exotic, the Dover; diver, the Meridian.


JORD Wood Watch Review - Make a sustainable fashion statement with a JORD wood watch. They’re a stylish, comfortable, and versatile way to up your fashion game.


It’s versatile.

The casual, wood features of the Hyde watch, along with the contemporary face, lends to a very versatile timepiece style-wise. I can dress it down with jeans and a hoodie for playing in the yard with my son or dress it up with a suit for date night.


My son won’t play it.

Dude! My son is ALWAYS playing with my smartwatch. The first week I owned it, he drained the battery by days end because he liked tapping the face to turn it on. And how do three-year-olds know how to scroll and order an Uber? I finally figured out the screen lock, but still, he’s always touching it!


It’s sourced from sustainable wood.

JORD wood watches are made from a variety of sustainable wood—maple, koa, bamboo, sandalwood, etc. Their website tells where each wood is sourced from and how endangered it is. For example, the walnut in my watch is from Eastern Europe, and, while it’s not listed in the CITES Appendices, is reported by the IUCN as being near threatened. However, that listing refers to wild populations. The wood for my watch is from cultivated trees.


JORD Wood Watch Review - Make a sustainable fashion statement with a JORD wood watch. They’re a stylish, comfortable, and versatile way to up your fashion game.


It fits well.

It’s not heavy or bulky. The links never catch my arm hair. And, I’ve never gotten a splitter from the wood (I know you were wondering…).


Option to engrave.

I’m not talking about that engravable tacky monogrammed sort of way that we here in the South like to slap on everything. You can, however, engrave a special message on the back of the watch. While I previously thought engraving little love messages was cheesy, I’m now over 40 and starting to feel sentimental. Daily reminders from loved ones can brighten up a dreary day. (here’s my man card…)


It’s a pretty rugged little watch.

The glass is a scratch-proof sapphire, so I’m not worried about scratching it while roughhousing on the floor with my son (or when the dog joins in because he thinks we’re hurting each other). There is a 12-month warranty just in case. The only drawback is that you need to be careful around water. There’s no worries when washing your hands, but it’s not waterproof. No swimming with it or dipping it in the car wash bucket.


Enter to win a JORD wood watch!!!

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