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A Gourmand’s Itinerary for Visiting Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria carries with it a rather long list of “must-see” attractions to experience all the city’s grandeur. For starters, visitors must visit at least one the Habsburg’s grand palaces – the Schonbrunn or Hofburg. When you’re done touring the Hofburg, you might as well stop by the Spanish Riding School and watch the horses perform maneuvers to the waltz.

Speaking of music, don’t forget to visit Mozart’s house. Then there’s the museums, and of course, the Prater Ferris wheel is a great way to take in the city from a bird’s eye view. All that touring will leave you quite famished and probably in need of a drink. Most guides don’t tell you where to go to accomplish that without playing bumper-car with other tourists. This guide aims to help you experience the most of Vienna’s foodie side.

Gourmand Guide to Vienna

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Get Started with Naschmarkt

You’re going to be tired after arriving in Vienna. Acclimate yourself to the city with a leisurely trip to Naschmarkt, Vienna’s largest market. Here, you’ll receive an introduction to the town’s food scene by perusing fresh produce stands, kraut artisans, wine shops, cheese boutiques, etc. Don’t just window shop though, pick up a few treats for your hotels in Vienna. Then grab a seat at one of the many sidewalk cafes in the middle of the market that span all price ranges and enjoy your first meal in Europe’s cultural capital!

Gourmands Guide for Vienna Naschmarkt

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Take a Pit Stop in Vienna’s Coffee Culture

All that site-seeing will drain your battery. Recharge in one of Vienna’s many cafés. Dotted throughout the city, these coffee-houses range from elegant to bohemian to nicotine stained. Pick one that suits you best and stop in for some much-needed fuel. Grab a pastry, cake, or finger sandwich and wash it down with a coffee, tea, or chocolate. Then just sit and absorb an aspect of culture that UNESCO rewarded Vienna for. Some favorites are Café Landtmann, Café Hawelka, and Café Sperl.

Indulge in Hearty Regional Dishes

Viennese cuisine is truly unique, showcasing a blend of Austrian, Hungarian, and Bohemian dishes. Expect lots of roasted pork, potato dumplings, sauerkraut, and goulash. A must try restaurants is Plachutta, which specializes in traditional Austrian stews. Budget friendly Pürstner is also a foodie favorite serving up some of the best traditional pork ribs in town. For a sampling of all things goulash, definitely add Gourashmuseum to your list!

Visit the Vienna Woods and Sample Some Local Wines

Nestled within the city limits are 1,700 acres of vineyards. It’s worth a relaxing afternoon to visit this lesser-traveled part of town and its many wine taverns. Getting to the neighborhood can be difficult though but a few tours will take you there ranging from biking tours of vineyards to more adventurous tour with stops in the ancient woods.

Gourmand Guide to Vienna  Vineyards

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This is just a shot list of the many tastes in Vienna. The rest is up to you. See what else you can find as you explore the city’s grand boulevards and quaint alleyways!

What Additional Stops Would You Include on a Gourmands Itinerary for Vienna?

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