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Restaurant Snapshot: ‘T Molenhof Review in Oostvleteren, Belgium

One of my favorite movie quotes of all time comes from Spike in the movie Notting Hill. William comes home to find his eccentric roommate wearing a scuba costume. Bewildered, William asks, “Incidentally, uh, why are you wearing that?” “A combination of factors, really,” responds Spike, like he hadn’t given a second thought to the ridiculousness of his outfit. Deep. I know.     But that exact quote describes my day from…

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A Break from Road Food at the Pink Pig BBQ Hardeeville, South Carolina

Between my house in Charlotte, North Carolina and my parents’ house in The Villages, Florida are a whole lot of places to stop for lunch and hardly any at all. There are a plethora of McDonalds followed by a good number of Burger Kings, Wendy’s, and Toxic Hells. A handful of Subways and Arby’s, the occasional Chick-Fil-A, and one Zaxby’s. These same choices repeated themselves when my parents lived in Ohio, minus…

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Restaurant Snapshot: Growlers Pourhouse and Crepe Cellar in Charlotte, NC

Restaurant Snapshot is a new series on the blog where I review a restaurant that really captured my attention. The series is meant to provide a brief overview of what the kitchen offers and why you need to eat there.     As I sat at the bar of Crepe Cellar doing a side-by-side tasting of NoDa’s Hop Cakes alongside Bell’s Hopslam with restaurant owner Jeff Tonidandel, I thought to myself, “Why…

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Hobbit Cafe Review

Themed restaurants normally only have one thing in common – They suck.  The food is a mediocre afterthought and the menu is overpriced.  Take Hard Rock Café, Hollywood Planet, or any of the gazillion Jimmy Buffett themed restaurants as an example.  All have menus that practically mirror each other with the same sad offerings of processed chicken fingers and soggy quesadillas at high prices.  Management is more concerned with selling souvenirs to…

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Conversation with Claudia – A Wine Tasting Dinner at Aria Tuscan Grill

I was sitting at my computer staring blankly at an empty white screen trying to think of the perfect blog post to summarize our week long culinary tour of Tuscany.  I flipped through pages of my journal, browsed the hundreds of photos we snapped, and wrote a somewhat decent but brief introduction before getting stuck.  The synapses of my brain just weren’t connecting the gluttonous wine and food filled adventure to a…

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