2016 Year in Travel (and Blog) Review!!!

Are you like me and tend to only remember the bad things that happened over the past year? Summarizing the year with thoughts of 2016 was a year, 2017 has to be better, or I’m glad 2016 is behind me. I think it’s a natural tendency as we head into the New Year with new beginnings and new resolutions to want to make a clean break from the past. In order to…

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SnapChat Fun: That Day I Became Possessed by a Werewolf

I admit it. I’m more than a little obsessed with SnapChat.       From a viewer’s perspective, I love watching others’ videos of adventures around the world. SnapChat offers that behind the scenes glimpse into a place that a polished blog post doesn’t. Through SnapChat, I was able to go backstage at the Olympics in Rio with Expat Edna, get an inside glimpse of an American living in Paris with Leah…

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Congratulations to Zevenwacht Wine Estate!

A huge congratulations to my friends at Zevenwacht Wine Estate in Cape Town! Their 2015 Chardonnay was recently included on the prestigious wine list at La Promenade in the Loire Valley, France. The South African wine is the first non-French wine ever to be included on the Michelin star restaurant’s list. Read the rest of the details in the press release below. I became acquainted with Zevenwacht Wine Estate on our African…

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Brewery Snapshot – Good People Brewing in Birmingham, Alabama

In this month’s Brewery Snapshot, I dropped into to Good People Brewing in Birmingham, Alabama. Good People Brewing is one of the first breweries that comes to mind when mentioning Alabama craft beer. As Good People Brewing is the oldest operating brewery in Alabama, most consider them to be pioneers in the state’s growing craft beer movement. While I’ve sipped on several Good People Brewing beers on my various trips to Alabama,…

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Brewery Spotlight – Summit Brewing in St Paul, Minnesota

Mark Stutrud, Founder and President of St Paul’s Summit Brewing, is that brewery legend not many have heard of unless they live in the Twin Cities area. While the brewery he founded 30 years ago is the 29th largest brewery in the country, 75% of those 130k barrels are sold within Minnesota.     In an industry where it seems like weekly a favorite craft brewery sells out to big beer in…

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November 2016 Travel Blog Income Report

Regulars readers of The Wandering Gourmand may have noticed close to a month rut in new posts and a three-month rut in income reports. So, where the heck have I been during that time and what have I been doing? Let me explain. From a travel perspective, I’ve been to a lot places. At the beginning of September, we traveled out to Phoenix because I wanted Deacon to meet his great-grandmother before…

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Brewery Spotlight – Rocket Republic Brewing in Huntsville, Alabama

Housed in a non-descript warehouse on the frays of Huntsville, Alabama is a brewery that draws a hearty crowd of regulars and newcomers alike. Rocket Republic Brewing derives its name from owners John and Lynn Troy’s love for Huntsville, Alabama and owners Eric and Tatum Crigger’s love for Key West, Florida. The geeky, fun, and rebel-rousing theme is found throughout the brewery, which strives to push the local beer scene by slowly…

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November Craft Beer Report – New Belgium, Wicked Weed, Burial, Good People, Blue Pants

Whether a brewery sends me a courtesy sample, I visit a brewery on a press trip, or I just stop in a brewery because beer, I sample a lot of beer. Each month, I summarize my favorites in a monthly craft beer report. My November Craft Beer Report, in particular, is special as I visited the beer mecca of Asheville and traveled to Alabama, a state that I predict will be home…

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A Fall Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip (with a stop for beer…)

All week long, the Ford Mustang GT Convertible sat in front of my house, taunting me with my every passing glance. “Drive me… Drive me…” I could hear her whispering. Instead, I stood sadly in my front window, staring out at her cherry red paint and black convertible top, imagining what it would feel like to get behind the wheel and let her ponies roar. If only I could fit a car…

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Boone Beercaion: A Boone Brewery Guide

Asheville is often considered the darling of North Carolina’s impressive craft beer movement. However, the sheer number of breweries can make a beer weekend in Asheville over-whelming. Instead of lingering over a pint or three, we slam a flight we can’t even remember drinking before moving onto the next brewery. For beer travelers looking for a more relaxed beer weekend in a similar mountain setting, there are plenty of other options in…

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