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Belfast Beer Guide – More than just Guinness and Harp

I realize that a beer guide to Belfast might sound a wee ridiculous. It’s Northern Ireland, after all. Doesn’t beer flow like the rain falls from the sky? Isn’t there a pub on every corner? All very true statements. But this isn’t a pub guide to Belfast. This is a Belfast beer guide intended to highlight the city’s growing craft beer scene by directing readers towards the best restaurants, pubs, and beer…

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Surly Brewing – Great Beer, Even Better Food

February’s edition of Brewery Snapshot, featuring Surly Brewing, pauses coverage on Northern Ireland for a moment and foreshadows where The Wandering Gourmand plans to take readers next – to the Twin Cities. I was in Minneapolis last May for a travel writers’ conference. And, of course, no conference is just about the conference for me. It’s also about exploring the local craft beer and food scene any chance that I get.  …

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Lough Erne Food Tour Review – My First Taste of Northern Ireland

I was tired. The kind of tired you only feel after a restless, overnight flight. The kind of tired where both your body and mind tell you that you should indeed be sleeping. But something presses you on. Adrenaline, maybe? The excitement of a new land? This is how I felt as I loaded onto the Erne Water Taxi for their Lough Erne Food Tour in the Fermanagh lake region of Northern…

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January 2017 Travel Blog Income Report – A Fresh Look on a New Year

For almost three-years, I’ve been bumping along at this fulltime writing “career” making anything but a fulltime living. As 2017 approached, I was ready to throw in the towel. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. It wasn’t for a lack of effort. I’m working harder now than I ever have, but my income remains stagnant, averaging around a thousand dollars a month. I could make more money slinging beers…

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January Craft Beer Report – Lenny Boy Brewing, Straight to Ale, Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Full Spectrum Brewing

Whether a brewery sends me a courtesy sample, I visit a brewery on a press trip, or I just stop in a brewery because beer, I drink a lot of beer. Each month, I summarize my favorites in a monthly craft beer report. January was slow both travel and beer-wise for me. I intentionally didn’t plan any trips as I wanted to dedicate the month to properly planning for 2017 business goals….

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72 Hours in Belfast – Beer, Food, Politics, and Beauty

Day 1 – 72 Hours in Belfast 9:33 am – Not the Way to Welcome a Travel Writer As a travel writer, I don’t expect a lot from a host destination. I don’t expect them to slaughter the fatted calf, open a bottle of their rarest vintage, or offer up the village virgin. What I do expect is for them to let me into the damn country – which almost didn’t happen…

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Gourmand Worthy Hotels – Lough Erne Resort in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

As if you couldn’t tell from my previous hotel reviews, I like to be spoiled. Even in my beercation itineraries, I tend to recommend higher end hotels. Sometimes, my readers give me pushback. “I prefer Airbnb. Much cheaper.”     That’s true. However, when I travel, I want to be spoiled. I want the finest linens available to grace my skin, beds that I can sink into, and staff that bends over…

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Brewery Snapshot – Boundary Brewing in Belfast, Northern Ireland

I’m pretty stoked about this month’s Brewery Snapshot, which features Boundary Brewing in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Not only does the post paint a bright future for what’s in store for Northern Ireland’s craft beer scene, it also kick starts a new series on the blog focusing on beer and food in the once troubled country. I couldn’t think of a better way to launch a series on Belfast than with Boundary Brewing….

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December 2016 Travel Blog Income Report – Exactly What I was Expecting

Before we get started and you begin to panic at my results, please note that my December Travel Blog Income Report is exactly what I was expecting. As I explained last month, I had just come off a couple of months that can best be described as a rough patch, and some residual affects did bleed into December. Oh, and my neighborhood was hit by a minor tornado. As a member of…

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Huntsville Beercation – It’s Like Space Camp but with Beer

Huntsville may not come to the top of mind when planning a beer weekend, but it should. The city has all the trappings of what helps make other cities great beer destinations – an entrepreneurial spirit, an independent attitude, and lots of friendly locals. Oh, and did I mention that Huntsville also has space? That’s right, Rocket City is home to NASA and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Yes, you can…

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