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Couples Getaway to Blowing Rock, North Carolina

We reached our breaking point. After eleven months as new parents – and with less date nights than I can count on one hand – tensions were rising. It seemed like the littlest things set both of us off. We needed some serious couple’s time without the responsibilities of parenthood, and we needed it pronto. That’s not an easy order when you live a plane ride away from the closest family member…

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August 2016 Travel Blog Income Report + Special Announcement

I’m going to begin August’s travel blog income report a little differently with a huge announcement. Those of you who follow me on SnapChat already know what I’m about to announce as I leaked it during my trip to Phoenix earlier this month.     Regular readers of this blog may have noticed some of the family travel posts that have been creeping in since Deacon’s birth. I know that really doesn’t…

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Daytrip to Wilmington to Visit the USS North Carolina Battleship and Area Breweries

I know. I know. Our vacation to Carolina Beach wasn’t going to be a work or blog trip. The notepad was staying at home and the camera was to be reserved for special family moments. This was our time to spend with Deacon on his first trip to the beach and a chance to reconnect with each other as we re-evaluated the next chapter in our life with Shannan’s lay-off. In fact,…

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St Simons Island Beer Guide

While St Simons Island, Georgia may stand out as a foodie destination, they are a little behind when it comes to craft beer. It’s not for lack of trying though. The issue is that Georgia’s archaic, distributor and big beer controlled laws make it difficult for craft breweries to open and survive. There isn’t a single brewery in the region.     However, restaurants, bars, and bottle shops do what they can to…

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72 Hours in St Simons Island, Georgia

Day 1 – 72 Hours in St Simons Island 2:43 pm Annoyed. I’m running late for the welcome reception at the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort on St Simons Island, Georgia, racing the clock to get there at a reasonable time. Traffic, as they say in the South, is moving “slower than molasses.” I’m tempted to honk at the little old lady in front of me but stop myself. She’s…

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July 2016 Travel Blog Income Report (And Traffic, Too)

July is the month where I should give up… Back in January, I set specific goals for the year. By July, I wanted to hit 10k a month in traffic. By October, I wanted to cover the mortgage plus fulltime childcare with income from my blog and writing. My first goal has reached its deadline, and I failed. I’m off by over 2k hits. To add insult to injury, I also had…

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Jacksonville Beach Beercation: A Jacksonville Brewery Tour

Okay craft beer lovers, how many of us have found ourselves sitting on the beach and grumbling as we choke down a lime spiked island lager. “If only I could get my hands on a decent IPA!” we cry out. Heck, we’d probably even accept one from the archenemy of craft beer, InBev’s Goose Island… I know I raise my hand as guilty. I love my beer and my beach.    …

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Simple Tips for Staying Healthy on a Beach Vacation

If you’re like me, then the last thing you want to think about on a beach vacation is exercise and diet. After all, we go on vacation to escape our daily routines and to break the rules. Why do we need tips for staying healthy on a beach vacation? However, nothing is more frustrating that when we come home and the scale tells us we gained ten pounds from a week of…

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Daytrip to Shelby to visit Bridges Barbecue Lodge and Newgrass Brewing

Since our vacation was postponed, Bryan and I decided to treat ourselves to a weekend daytrip to Shelby. Honestly, we just needed to get out of town for an afternoon. As you might have guessed, our destination involved both food and craft beer.     Shelby, North Carolina is about a 45-minute drive from Charlotte, and it’s home to one of our new favorite breweries – Newgrass Brewing. We’ve been crushing on…

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Things to Know When Attending Starkbierfest in Munich

Thinking of planning a trip this fall to Munich to attend Oktoberfest? If it’s an authentic German festival you’re after, then I’d recommend thinking again. It’s true that Oktoberfest may be one of the world’s largest parties with over 6 million people in attendance over the 16-day event. However, how many of those people do you think are actually German? Not as many as you’d believe. Instead, consider attending Starkbierfest, Munich’s lesser-known…

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