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Simple Tips for Staying Healthy on a Beach Vacation

If you’re like me, then the last thing you want to think about on a beach vacation is exercise and diet. After all, we go on vacation to escape our daily routines and to break the rules. Why do we need tips for staying healthy on a beach vacation? However, nothing is more frustrating that when we come home and the scale tells us we gained ten pounds from a week of…

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Daytrip to Shelby to visit Bridges Barbecue Lodge and Newgrass Brewing

Since our vacation was postponed, Bryan and I decided to treat ourselves to a weekend daytrip to Shelby. Honestly, we just needed to get out of town for an afternoon. As you might have guessed, our destination involved both food and craft beer.     Shelby, North Carolina is about a 45-minute drive from Charlotte, and it’s home to one of our new favorite breweries – Newgrass Brewing. We’ve been crushing on…

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Things to Know When Attending Starkbierfest in Munich

Thinking of planning a trip this fall to Munich to attend Oktoberfest? If it’s an authentic German festival you’re after, then I’d recommend thinking again. It’s true that Oktoberfest may be one of the world’s largest parties with over 6 million people in attendance over the 16-day event. However, how many of those people do you think are actually German? Not as many as you’d believe. Instead, consider attending Starkbierfest, Munich’s lesser-known…

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SnapChat Fun! NoDa Brewing Hop Drop N Roll and Ramble on Red Review

In this second episode of “Beer with Bryan,” I review two beers that were included in the judges’ swag bag from the Kayem Artisan Sausage food truck competition that I blogged about earlier in the week. Each of the judges received a mix four-pack from NoDa Brewing. The video reviews NoDa Brewing Hop Drop N Roll IPA and Ramble on Red.     Also included in our four-pack was Jam Session Pale…

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Kayem Artisan Sausage Food Truck Competition at NoDa Brewing

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Kayem Artisan Sausage to help judge my first food competition – the Artisan Affair at NoDa Brewing. Not that I would normally pass up a free meal (you’ve seen my income reports…), but the deal was sweetened when I learned that the competition was between four Charlotte based food trucks.     Each food truck was to incorporate a Kayem Artisan Sausage into…

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June 2016 Travel Blog Income Report (And Traffic, Too)

A freelance writing and blogging career is a lot like a sales career. Some months are amazing. You demolish your numbers, hit the big bonus, and treat yourself to an item from your wish list (fellow Financial Peace Graduates will understand that last one). Then, the next month is an absolute disaster. Your commission is half of what it was last month. Dinners out change from Ruth Chris to Ryan’s Buffet –…

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Hotel Review – King and Prince Resort in Saint Simons Island, Georgia

I was running late and was more than a little annoyed as my car crossed the Torras Causeway from the mainland to St. Simons Island, Georgia. As life goes with a newborn, I didn’t get much sleep the night prior. Deacon was up crying (more like eardrum shattering screaming) and waking up wasn’t easy. My wife and I opted for the snooze button one too many times. Alas, I had an appointment…

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SnapChat Fun! Schlafly Hop Trial SMaSH Pack Review

I’ve been having a ton of fun over on SnapChat this past month. It’s raw, real, and unedited and allows for some quirky creativity. As an example, check out the “story” I did this week on my Schlafly Hop Trial SMaSH Pack review.     About Schlafly Hop Trial SMaSH Pack The Schlafly Hop Trial SMaSH Pack is a limited edition mixed 12 pack that hits the stores July 4th. Inside the…

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A Guide to Beer in Dubai

Even though some of the earliest documented brewing traces back to Sumeria in the Middle East, Dubai tends to be a desert when it comes to beer and alcohol (pun intended). Although the rules around the sale of alcohol may be stricter than in other areas, there are still lots of places to choose from. Thankfully, nearly every spectrum of travel style is covered by Dubai’s plentiful choice of hotels. And yes, many have…

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Tips for Visiting New York City With a Baby

Our recent trip to New York City was the first time I truly feel that I failed Deacon as a father – a down on my knees begging for forgiveness kind of fail. Luckily, he’s only seven months old and wasn’t quite aware of what was going on around him. It was our last day in the city. Shannan left for work, and it was my job to make sure Deacon got…

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