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21 Essential Tips for A Successful Road Trip with a Baby

The midnight feedings were over and Deacon was mostly sleeping through the night. Thus, we decided to embark on our first family mini-vacation. Over Easter weekend, we took our first road trip with a baby to visit grandma and grandpa in The Villages, Florida. While the prospect of an eight-hour road trip with a baby might sound like a recipe for disaster, it really wasn’t. We did a lot of research on…

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My First Solo Trip after Baby Gourmand’s Arrival + 2016 Travel Plans

I was coming up with every excuse that I could to cancel my first solo trip after Baby Gourmand was born. “It’s not worth the investment.” “You (my wife) just went back to work, it’s too difficult.” “What if he forgets about me?”     What can I say, I’m attached to the little guy. Those baby snuggles, and now that he’s a little older, baby giggles, are just too hard to…

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Welcome Baby Gourmand

As I sit here in the quiet of my office, I’m keeping one eye on my computer and one on the rock-and-play positioned next to my desk. It’s well past midnight, and Deacon is (finally) sleeping soundly to the drum of my keyboard as I work on missed writing deadlines. A little over a week old, he still hasn’t acclimated to life outside the womb, sleeping when we’re up and about in…

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