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A Romance with Bavarian Food

It was a brisk early spring evening in Munich.  So early that the trees were yet bare.  Still, Munchens flung to the streets to celebrate this first break in weather.  The beer gardens and sidewalk cafes teamed with life and laughter.  We commandeered a table for two on the sidewalk in front of Paulaner Im Tal.  The waiter noticed us from across the sidewalk and asked if we wanted two beers.  We…

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Bamberg Beercation: A Self-Guided Bamberg Beer Tour

I couldn’t possibly venture to Bamberg, Germany without making a mention of its significant brewing tradition.  In fact, a mention wouldn’t do Bamberg justice.  This little city’s contribution to the beer world merits an entire post.  Secretly, it was the main reason why I wanted to visit – to go on a self-guided Bamberg beer tour. UNESCO World Heritage Site aside, this town of 70,000 boasts 9 breweries brewing 50 unique beers. …

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Bamberg Travel Guide

The brewery heavy medieval town of Bamberg, Germany draws both history buffs and beer pilgrimas alike as it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are ten breweries in town with 300 plus in the surrounding countryside. My Bamberg travel guide will help you find the best things to see, do, and drink in Bamberg. As traveled as Bamberg is, there is little found about the city in the guide books. What we did find was in Lonely…

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