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Cheers to you for stopping by The Wandering Gourmand, a travel blog dedicated to the culinary side of travel. I’m Bryan, the site author, and my travel is driven by food, craft beer, and wine.

I began this site back in 2009 as a hobby to share my culinary travels around the world with friends and family. It has since morphed into so much. In 2014, the success of the blog convinced me to leave my corporate job in the wind and pursue a career as a freelance travel writer and blogger.

This doesn’t mean I’m a digital nomad like the vast majority of professional travel bloggers. Their home is the next night’s hostel or maybe an extended stay with a housesitting program, and all of their worldly possessions fit into a carry-on. I say no thanks to that kind of lifestyle.

I enjoy a conventional life here in Charlotte, North Carolina with my wife, newborn, two pugs, plenty of local craft beer, and the best BBQ in the world. Yet, I still travel the world. There’s a myth out there that says it’s impossible to have both a life of travel and a normal life with a home and community.

This myth is wrong and I aim to not only prove it to you, but also help you spice up your life with amazing travel experiences.

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I love seeing vibrant discussions in the comments sections of my posts. It’s what makes blogs so much more fun than traditional print publications. You get to interact with the author and other readers. I encourage comments and often toss out a question to get the conversation. I do this unmoderated unless language turns foul.

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