15 Steps to Sponsored Blog Travel

A course to teach you how to use your blog to win sponsored travel.

There seems to be two camps out there when it relates to using your blog to go on sponsored trips.

The first camp will tell that they can teach you how to travel the world for free and live a carefree lifestyle. That you can squeeze all of your belongings into a suitcase and live the nomadic lifestyle while becoming a traveling millionaire.

The other camp will tell you that unless you have over a half a million views a month, then you should consider sponsored travel out of the question.

Both camps are wrong.

First, there is no magical formula that will turn you into a traveling millionaire overnight, no matter how photo-shopped the advertisement is.

Second, it is possible to secure sponsored travel even with a small your audience. I’m doing it with an average of 5,000 views a month.


By applying the easy to use methodologies I learned from my successful career in sales and marketing.


In the past year alone, I went on 8 sponsored trips at a value of over $10,000.

I actually could have gone on more, but I took four months off when my son was born.

My sponsored trips took me to St Lucia; Loire Valley, France; Terres de l’Ebre, Spain; Charlotte, North Carolina; Jacksonville Beach, Florida; Huntsville, Alabama; St Simons Island, Georgia; and Northern Ireland.

My course, 15 Steps to Sponsored Travel, will teach you, too how to use your blog to secure similar trips

Don’t believe? I shared my methodology with a blogger friend and she experience instant results




“I had been writing my blog for a couple of years without ever having pitched for sponsorship. After seeing Bryan’s and other bloggers’ successes with securing sponsored trips, I wanted to try it out but had no idea where to start. Bryan was gracious enough to help get me started by providing an example of a pitch letter. I used it as a guide to help craft my own unique spin on a pitch letter. I’m very grateful for his help, and I have secured several sponsorships since!”

– Hana-Lee Sedgwick.

You can read about her dreamy honeymoon here.


Are you ready to use your blog to go on a sponsored trip?

If you follow my 15 easy to implement lessons, I promise you will have much greater success than standing idly by and waiting for a trip to land in your lap.

As much as the “popular” bloggers will tell you that they’re woo’d by sponsors to check out their resorts, it’s not true. They are constantly pitching and making sponsored travel happen.

It’s the old adage that opportunity doesn’t find you, you have to find opportunity.

That’s what this course aims to do. It will teach you how to create value-added campaigns and pitch them to travel brands. It also teaches you the most valuable step… how to properly follow-up.


How does this course work?

This is an email consisting of 15 lessons. Over the five weeks of the course, you will receive a lesson every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting Monday, May 16.

Each lesson is succinct and actionable, encouraging you to immediately implement what you’ve learned before moving on. Often the lessons include worksheets.

As this is an email course, it’s as self-paced as you want it to be.

By the end of the course, the goal is to have you well on your way to your first sponsored trip.


The course is currently closed for enrollment but will open again March 1, 2017.

As each course offers limited seating, please sign up for the waiting list so you’ll be one of the first to be notified when the window opens again.