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The Journey to Thailand (An excerpt from my journal)

Twenty-seven hours of travelling and I still have not reached the hotel where I will sleep for a few hours before catching a fourth flight to Phuket.  I don’t even want to calculate the total time I will have spent travelling.  What the heck was I thinking?  Thailand – the other side of the world.

Lobby View - Cape Sienna Hotel

The view that awaited us from the Cape Sienna Hotel lobby in Phuket while we sipped rosebud tea and waited for our room..

I’m embarrassed to mention the two comfort issues I had to overcome to make the journey over the Pacific.  But, as ridiculous as they sound, they are around the clock Asian food and shitting in public toilets.  Don’t judge.  I have just never been a big fan of Asian food.  I don’t hate it, but it definitely isn’t a staple in my diet.  I mean, I like Thai food – once a month.  The twenty-seven hour flight definitely forced me to overcome fear number two.

Balcony View - Cape Sienna Hotel

View from the balcony that awaited us at the Cape Sienna Hotel in Phuket

But I’m almost there.  Thailand – The Land of Smiles.  A country that is heavily Buddhist yet has a violent history.  A country that has a stable sex tourism industry, where people come from around the world for sex shows, prostitutes, and sex change operations.  A country where 25% of the men are polygamists.  Oh, and my personal favorite, they believe in ghosts.  But any country that ranks number one in Johnny Walker Black Label consumption in the world is a fine place for me.

Overcoming Fears

Overcoming Fears