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How To Choose A Babymoon. Beach, Mountain, or City Escape?

There are two moments during a pregnancy when the realization hits you that a baby is on the way. The first is the second ultrasound when you learn the sex. All tests up to that point are just blobs on a screen. This is the cheerful realization. Finally, there’s proof that you made a human. It’s a tearful moment filled with hope and anticipation for the arrival of that little buddle of…

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Baby Makes Three

As I write this post, I’m fighting back the tears. Today, in one of life’s magical moments, I got to see the development of our baby through my wife’s second ultrasound. The fact that I’m going to be a father suddenly became real as the life growing in my wife’s belly resembled more of a person than the tadpole in the first ultrasound. The tech showed us his arms, legs, heart, head,…

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