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One Night in Bangkok…er, Chiang Mai

Thai Singers

Thai Singers at the Riverfront Restaurant and Bar

One night in Chiang Mai we stumbled into the Riverfront Restaurant and Bar on the Ping River.  I can’t really comment on the food as it apparently wasn’t memorable since I have no notes on it.  It was probably like most Thai places – scarily extensive covering Thai to American to European.  We had spent the afternoon at a cooking school and really weren’t hungry but decided that we had to at least eat something.

On our way out, the band caught our attention.  Live Top 40 American music played by an all Thai band.  I’m not a Top 40 fan, but something about the situation begged that we should stick around for a round or two which turned into four or five.  The tables were filled with Thais enjoying bottle service because that’s how they roll (It’s actually cheaper than ordering per drink there).  Patrons clanked glasses and toasted each other to the songs of Lady Gaga, Flo Rida, and Kesha.  Some even toasted us and invited us to dance with them.  I know what you are thinking – TOURSIT TRAP.  I wanted to think that myself with the cheesy American music, but we were the only Westerners there as all the rest of the tourists had left probably to hang out at traveler bars in the historic center of Chiang Mai.

Our almost unmemorable night turned into something much more all due to chance.  What have you chanced upon in your travels?