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Hipmunk Hotels: Unique Midwestern Restaurants in Peoria, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and More

One of the perks of being a traveling salesman was the food. No matter where I traveled, I made it my mission to look passed the easy choice of chain restaurants and seek out the hidden gems. Much like in your own hometown, cities across the United States are filled with local eateries serving delicious food. This is especially true in the Midwest. Traditions from early immigrants are honored alongside modern American cuisine creating some very unique dining choices. Here are five unique midwestern restaurants.


Unique Midwestern Restaurants – 5 Midwestern restaurants that you have to eat at it.

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Italian Beef in Rosemont, Illinois

Chicago has long been known for their deep-dish pizza. Many locals, however, will argue that the Italian beef is just as legendary. Italian beef is slow roasted beef, thinly sliced, and served on fresh-baked Italian rolls. The sandwich is typically topped with sweet or hot peppers. While Bouna isn’t the first in Chicago to offer Italian beef, the founding family is listed in the history books as one of the Original 14 to shape the Chicago treat. Locals revere the restaurant so much that today there are 17 locations, including the one in Rosemont. For a place to stay, check out nearby Residence Inn by Marriot.


Cook Your Own Steak in Peoria, Illinois

Alexander’s Steakhouse in Peoria is probably the most fun you’ll have at a restaurant. You actually get to cook your own steak on one of their indoor charcoal grills. Patrons choose from one of twelve cuts of meat. Staff will help you season it and guide you on the grill.  While in town, the Mark Twain Hotel offers a hotel experience as unique as Alexander’s.


Modern American Tapas in Rockford, Illinois

In the heart of downtown Rockford is Abreo – an American wine and tapas bar. The seasonal menu is always a delicious surprise. Locals rave about the duck nachos and crepe anything. When you’re done treating yourself to dinner, treat yourself to a luxury stay at Cliffbreakers Riverside Hotel & Conference Center.


Gastro Pub Fare in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids claim to fame may be craft beer, but like all craft beer centric communities, it’s also home to plenty of excellent restaurants – in particular in the farm-to-table arena. Green Well Gastro Pub is a perfect combination of both beer and farm-to-table. The restaurant has 20 taps with the majority focused on local beer. The food pairs well with the beers. Green Well sources ingredients locally when possible. When you’re done eating, be sure to hit up area breweries. JW Marriott Hotel Grand Rapids is close to some of the best.


Detroit Deep Dish Pizza in Detroit, Michigan

Who would have thought that Detroit was known for having great pizza? I know I sure didn’t until I tried Buddy’s Pizza – the original Detroit deep-dish pizza. Detroit’s version of deep dish is similar to Chicago’s, but Detroit’s pies are cooked in square blue steel pans. The pans get extra-hot and burn the edges ever so slightly, creating a caramelized cheesy goodness. Stay at the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit in downtown for some fun after you’re done chowing down.


Which of these unique Midwestern restaurants do you most want to eat at?

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