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A Guide to Tokyo Craft Beer

What I love most about the craft beer movement is that it’s not isolated to any one country. Sure, the United States may appear to be at the forefront, but wherever I go on my travels — from Barcelona to Cape Town to Rome — I find a birth in the local craft beer movement that is unique to the city or country. Japan, and Tokyo in particular, is no exception to that rule.

Tokyo is not only enjoying a revolution in bars focusing on craft beer from both Japan and abroad, but the city is also starting to see some of its own breweries emerge. The following is a guide to help you explore the best of the Tokyo craft beer scene. In fact, the beer scene is so large, that no matter where you book a hotel in Tokyo, a beer bar is sure to be located nearby. So, go ahead, reserve your place to stay so you can explore Tokyo’s best beer offerings!


A guide to Tokyo craft beer. A review of the best bars, breweries, and shops around Tokyo, Japan for craft beer.

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The Widest Variety of Japanese Craft Beer

If you’re looking to work your way through as many Japanese craft beers as possible in one location, then look no further than Popeye. Popeye is all about Japanese beer, with over 70 taps mostly pouring Japanese craft beer. The bar prides itself in not only training their staff to properly explain and educate the average patron on beer, but they also take care to properly store and care for the beer.

Location: 2-18-7 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku

Transportation stop: Ryogoku Station (Sobu, Oedo lines)


A Tokyo Brewery Tasting Room

If you’re like me, then you prefer to sip beer directly from the source at its freshest. This often involves a trip to the brewery’s tasting room. Nakameguro Taproom is the perfect place to do this in Tokyo. The pub is part of Baird Brewing Company and offers that quaint pub feel with brick walls and rich wooden paneling. Baird prides itself in brewing beer that is unfiltered and bottle / keg conditioned. Alongside beer, Nakameguro oddly serves New Haven style pizza.

Location: 153-0051 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku

Transportation stop: Nakamegurfo Station


The Perfect Beer Food Pairing

DevilCraft was opened by a trio of American craft beer enthusiasts with the intention of offering a small but rare offering of craft beers. However, the beer bar quickly become known for its food, like Chicago deep-dish pizza, meant to pair well with beer. Be on the lookout for beers on tap contract brewed from the owners’ own recipes.

Location: 2-13-12 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku

Transportation stop: JR Station


A Robust Collection of American Craft Beers

Sometimes, you just have a thirst for an American IPA. Been there, done that. If that’s the case, then head to Antenna America. The beer shop and bar specializes in American craft beer (think Green Man and Ballast Point), all sold at a reasonable price. Even cooler? They deliver. Order up your favorite West Coast IPA directly to your hotel room for that added comfort.

Location: 5-4 Yoshidamachi, Naka-ku

Transportation stop: Kannai Station (Negishi, Yokohama lines)


A Wide Variety of Beers Both Domestic and International

Goodbeer Faucets offers over 40 taps covering everything from local Tokyo brewed beer to both American and European ales and lagers. Their wide breadth of selection is sure to offer something for even the most picky beer drinkers.

Location: 1-29-1 Shoto, Shibuya-ku

Transportation stop: Shibuya Station, Hachiko exit

It’s good to know that no matter where you may roam in the world, you’re sure to find a selection of craft beer that highlights not only the local scene, but also some comforts from home. It’s good to be a beer drinker!

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