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When I lived in Washington, DC, I both loved and hated it when friends and family would come to visit. I’d love it because I’m always excited to catch up with loved ones. I’d hate it because all they’d want to see was the typical Washington, DC tourist circuit attractions — the monuments, Smithsonian, White House, capitol buildings, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone should visit those spots, especially as I feel that my generation and the younger ones are losing touch with the heritage and importance of our great nation. Kardashian family matters are more important than the fight of our Founding Fathers. However, once you’re done exploring the National Mall, Washington, DC has a unique culture that’s found in its neighborhoods. Here’s a guide to help you explore Washington DC neighborhoods the next time you book a hotel in Washington, DC.

Explore Washington DC Neighborhoods

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Georgetown is many things. It’s home to the University of Georgetown and its community of students and faculty, a waterfront entertainment district along the Potomac, and the bustling M Street and Wisconsin Avenue corridor. The heart of the neighborhood can be found along M Street and Wisconsin Avenues, where tourists can find hundreds of restaurants and shops, plus street musicians and locals alike. Clyde’s is a famous and favorite restaurant with a look into the both the neighborhood and city’s history.

Its distance from a metro stop still allows Georgetown to maintain a community feel. The surrounding residential streets are worth an exploration for those who enjoy architecture. You’ll find Georgian mansions, Federal and Classical Revival houses, and Victorian Queen Anne and Richardsonian Romanesque rowhouses.

U Street Corridor

When I lived in Washington, DC, the U Street Corridor was but a glimmer in the eye of city planners and developers. The only landmark was Stetson’s Famous Bar and Grill. When I go back, I enjoy seeing all that the neighborhood has become. It’s where DC working professionals go to play, with many trendy restaurants and bars. The neighborhood also maintains the historical significance of its African-American heritage (birthplace of Duke Ellington) with the African-American Civil War Memorial and Museum.

Explore Washington DC Neighborhoods

Photo by Sophia Hatchitt via Trover.com

Adams Morgan

In a city that is a melting pot, Adams Morgan boils at the center of that melting pot. The streets are lined with ethnic restaurants ranging from Ethiopian to Indian to Mediterranean to Malaysian. On weekend nights, the neighborhood resembles a weekly Mardi Gras as partiers bar hop among the neighborhood’s many fun watering holes. Madam’s Organ was always a favorite of mine, as it epitomizes the neighborhood with its funky display of local artwork on the walls. I’m happy to say that it’s still open.

Much like Georgetown, Adams Morgan isn’t really convenient to the city Metro and still remains a local haven, but on a much more laid back scale. There are also plenty of shops and art galleries to explore.

These are just a few of the many neighborhoods worth your exploration in Washington, DC. Some others that deserve further research would be Chinatown (what’s left of it), DuPont Circle, and Foggy Bottom.

What’s Your Favorite Neighborhood in Washington, DC?

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