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Hipmunk City Love – High Tech Hotels in Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea is filled with three things – a lot of people (25 million), Korean BBQ, and technology. Not all of these items apply to a good hotel choice–having a hotel room filled with people sounds like a bad idea since I don’t do hostels, and a BBQ grill stationed next to the bed might start to stink. However, a room filled with cool technology would be awesome. Here’s a list of…

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Hipmunk City Love – 48 Hours in Florence, Italy

Italy is blessed with a rich art and religious history that tourists of all faiths and nationalities flock to see. While Rome is the center of the religious story, Florence is the center for art as the birthplace of the Renaissance. It’s most likely a stop on your city hopping tour of Italy. Below are some of the must-see attractions to enjoy the best of your 48 hours in Florence. The Cathedral of…

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Hipmunk City Love – Best Canal Hotels in Amsterdam

You’re in Amsterdam, and you’re not that into pot or prostitutes (I bet the city wishes it could shed that image). Instead, you’re there to see the “sights”. All kidding aside, there are plenty of things to see and do in Amsterdam, from admiring 17th century architecture to dining on modern cuisine, to ambling along the maze of canals and soaking up the cities vibrancy. Why not stay in a hotel along…

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Best Luxury Resorts in Punta Cana

What I remember most about Punta Cana were the bright colors. They are a perfect depiction of paradise, and, in my opinion, the prettiest in all the Caribbean. I can easily close my eyes and envision the green of the palm trees, white of the sand, and various shades of ocean blue. Besides beautiful beaches, Punta Cana has also become famous for an all-inclusive scene that is lackluster at best, lending it…

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Hipmunk City Love: Choosing a Hotel in Venice, Italy

From history to romance to art, Venice has a ton to offer which is why it’s a must stop on your Europe itinerary. Hotels and business owners have caught on to Venice’s rising popularity and have likewise adjusted their prices. Choosing the proper hotel can be crucial to your budget and overall enjoyment of Venice. Whether you’re looking for convenience to tourist attractions or the train station, or a quiet hotel in…

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Best Foodie Hotels in San Francisco – Hipmunk City Love

I love to explore the local food scene when I visit a city, and San Francisco has one of the best. I spend many hours researching blogs and reading restaurant reviews, pinpointing the best gastronomical finds. I admit that I completely ignore my hotel restaurant. Something in my subconscious tells me that no hotel restaurant can deliver a good meal, or that they’re too dang expensive. But sometimes, I’m tired. It’s been…

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