Destination Beer Travel Guides

Where to find the best beer in some of the world’s top travel destinations. My destination beer travel guides aren’t itineraries, but guides to help you supplement your vacation with great beer.

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A Craft Beer Aruba Beer Guide

I used to poke fun at tourists who would complain about local beer when traveling. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. “I love going to the Caribbean, but the beer… Can’t they just serve Coors Light?” Statements like that would to get my blood boiling. If you’re that married to your precious domestic cans and can’t taste the local flavors, then go to Florida. They have beaches, sunshine, and all the fizzy…

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Craft Beer West Palm Beach, Florida – Yes, There is Beer in Paradise

UPDATED FOR 2017!!! You’ve shopped until you dropped, sunned until your skin reached just the right shade of crisp, and wined and dined enough to become one the West Palm Beach elite. Now you just want a damn craft beer so you could do what you really flew to West Palm Beach for – relax. Don’t worry, The Wandering Gourmand has you covered with some of the best craft beer West Palm Beach, Florida.  …

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Exploring the Cape Town Craft Beer Scene

Our tour to South Africa had a huge focus on wine.  And while I love wine, I couldn’t travel across the world without exploring the Cape Town craft beer scene.  We arrived the night before the tour began and stayed in Central Cape Town.  This was our chance for some grain before an immersion in grapes. Our hotel was a few blocks from Devil’s Peak Brewery with both award winning beers and…

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A Guide to Rome Beer

Exploring the Rome Beer Scene After almost two weeks in Italy, it pains me to say that I was wined out.  And no, my liver wasn’t exhausted after twice (and sometimes thrice) daily intakes of wine – lunch, dinner, and the occasional mid-morning Prosecco – as it earned a degree in party from Ohio University.  Instead, my taste buds were screaming for hops.  As we wrapped up our Italian odyssey in the Eternal…

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