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Baby Makes Three

As I write this post, I’m fighting back the tears. Today, in one of life’s magical moments, I got to see the development of our baby through my wife’s second ultrasound. The fact that I’m going to be a father suddenly became real as the life growing in my wife’s belly resembled more of a person than the tadpole in the first ultrasound.

The tech showed us his arms, legs, heart, head, brain, and his sex. We got to watch him dance around, push away at the tech’s pokes, and suck his thumb. In a special moment, it even appeared that he was waving at us as if to say, “Hi Mom and Dad! Can’t wait to meet you! See you soon!”

I can’t believe I’m actually going to be a Dad in October and I can’t wait to show him the world!

Pregnancy Accouncement

We’ve got baby fever here at The Wandering Gourmand! Our little world traveler arrives in October!

Our Journey Thus Far

From the start of the beautiful journey we call our marriage, we had a desire to land on every continent before planting our seeds on this Earth. Well, make that all continents but Antarctica. Neither of us really likes the cold that much. Australia was also crossed off because, well, it’s just too dang far away. Don’t worry. We didn’t skimp on our travel. Instead, we made two trips to Europe plus one each to Africa, South America, and Asia along with some excursions down to Mexico and the Caribbean and more than a handful of travel outings in the US.

Africa was the icing on our cake though.

On the outset of our culinary and safari tour of South Africa and Namibia, we decided that after the trip it was time to start a family. Our pre-child bucket list was complete and we were excited to open a new chapter in our life, with a new bucket list to accomplish.

Travel with Kids

Hey Mom and Dad! Where are we going first? Can’t wait to see the world with you!

Does this mean the travel will stop?

Neither one of us is naïve. We both know that life is about to change in a major way. At the same time, we will hold strong to our desire to travel. It’s in our DNA as a couple. It’s what brought us together in the first place. It’s something that we can’t and won’t let go.

No matter what anybody tells us, and a few have ignorantly opened their mouths, having a baby does not mean our travel will stop. Yes, other hobbies may need to be sacrificed, but we both grew up in families that took us on some extraordinary vacations. This was part of our education and maturation. We want the same for our child.

I expect travel to look different for awhile though. I doubt we will be traipsing a baby halfway across the globe. You might see more domestic travel in the next few years. I’m okay with that. There are some amazing places to visit here in the United States that I’m excited to explore from the Outer Banks right here in my own backyard to a dude ranch in Montana. How cool would it be to see our baby boy’s first trip to the beach and watch him learn how to sling a lasso?

Mom and Dad will still need their time away, too, as all couples should. Some of the healthiest marriages I’ve seen are ones in which the parents intentionally spend a weekend or week away each year with just themselves. It gives them time to reconnect to their vows and properly raise a family as a unified whole.

baby bump

Mrs. G. Sporting the baby bump. It’s all the rage.

Of Course There Will be One Last Trip

I think I married the most amazing woman in the world. Not only did she encourage me to quit my job to follow my passion, she’s also carrying Baby Gourmand while working a full-time job. I can tell that she’s starting to get tired. The sleepless nights that we have ahead of us are only going to drain her energy even more. She needs a little rest and relaxation, a little pampering. She’s earned it.

We also need a little retreat together to reconnect before our lives are uprooted. At the end of May, we’re escaping to Fond Doux Plantation and Resort in St Lucia for five nights of rejuvenation in our own private bungalow nestled into the tropical foliage of the island paradise overlooking the Caribbean. It will be the perfect opportunity for Mrs. G. to experience some pampering before we start changing Pampers.

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