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A Guide to Beer in Dubai

Even though some of the earliest documented brewing traces back to Sumeria in the Middle East, Dubai tends to be a desert when it comes to beer and alcohol (pun intended). Although the rules around the sale of alcohol may be stricter than in other areas, there are still lots of places to choose from.

Thankfully, nearly every spectrum of travel style is covered by Dubai’s plentiful choice of hotels. And yes, many have restaurants and bars specializing in beer! Here’s a quick beer guide to Dubai, where you’ll find everything from American craft, to Belgium and Irish libations.


A guide to beer in Dubai

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The Irish Village

You won’t find a bar in Dubai more Irish than the Irish Village. Most of the traditional Irish pub was assembled from parts imported directly from the Emerald Isle, like the paving stones and much of the woodwork. Plus the Guinness flows like, well, Guinness and keeps the crowds juiced for the typical Irish pub camaraderie. There is also plenty of live music.


Barasti Beach Bar

Enjoy your beer in the sun at the Barasti Beach Bar. The Barasti Beach Bar is what comes to mind when thinking of a relaxing of vacation. While the beer selection may not be the most extensive or “crafty,” it definitely offers easy to drink choices like Corona, Hoegaarden, and Somersby. Each of which pairs perfectly for a day at the beach!


Belgian Café

Head to the Belgian Café to get your Belgian beer swill. The cozy bar offers a great European atmosphere with a menu focusing on hearty Belgian foods and the best of Belgian’s exports.


Der Keller

If German lagers are what you desire – and what doesn’t pair better with the hot desert sun – then head to Der Keller. One of Dubai’s longest running restaurants serves up an authentic range of German cuisine and beer in a traditional German atmosphere.


Perry & Blackwelder’s Original Smokehouse

Still looking for that authentic American IPA with a side of recognizable comfort food? Check out Perry & Blackwelder’s Original Smokehouse. The restaurant specializes in American Southern BBQ cooked low and slow like it should be. Yes, the restaurant does pour a fair amount Budweiser, but you can also find Brooklyn Brewery as well.


The Gramercy

Take a step into New York City at The Gramercy. The gastro-pub serves up food designed to pair with beer in a fun atmosphere. They also serve a decent choice of craft beer alongside craft cocktails and a well-curated wine list. It’s also one of Dubai’s hippest spots.



If you’re looking for a casual beer garden, then look no further than Warehouse. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon enjoying good company and a pint poured from one of the bars 50 draughts covering a wide array of international beers. As an added bonus, the restaurant also offers an all you can drink and eat “Drunch.” #Brilliant


Of course, this guide is just a start. As an ever-evolving tourist center, Dubai has many other pubs offering a good variety of beer, no matter what style you seek.

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