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48 Hours in Bangkok – Hipmunk City Love

Bangkok is huge! Given that it’s home to over 10 million people, massive might a better word to describe it. Many tourist arrive at the airport, book a couple of nights at a hotel in Bangkok to get work off the jetlag, and use the city as a jumping off point for the rest of Southeast Asia. Navigating the city can be quite intimidating. Use our guide to lead the way!

Photo by Algirdas Sidiskis via Trover.com

Photo by Algirdas Sidiskis via Trover.com

Work the Kinks out with a Thai Massage

Get your mind out of the gutter. Not that kind of massage! A Thai massage is unlike any massage you’ve had before. Think yoga, meets Swedish massage, meets torture chamber, but in a nice way. You’ll be bent, pulled, slapped, and rubbed until all that jet lag has left your body, and you’re ready for the adventure that awaits!

Take a Taste of Bangkok

Now let’s nourish that body after 24 hours of airplane food and immerse in fresh Thai cuisine. Start with a self-guided tour of the Nonthaburi Market, one of Bangkok’s floating markets. If self-guided doesn’t interest you, then opt for an organized tour. While you’re browsing the venders and their wares, don’t be afraid to allow the tantalizing scents of the various street foods to lure you in. For the most part, you can eat street food in Thailand. Just be smart and eat where the crowds are eating.

Another great way to experience a local cuisine is to participate in a cooking class. With the growing popularity of Thai restaurants around the world, there are plenty of options in Bangkok to teach you everything from Pad Thai to Mango Sticky Rice.

Hike the Temples

Now that you’re rested and nourished, start your second day off with a little exercise exploring the Buddhist temples that are dotted throughout the city. Be one of the first to the top of Wat Saket. The climb is 344 steps to the top, but the view of the Bangkok skyline is worth the trek. Other interesting temples to visit are Wat Po with its reclining Buddha, Wat Arun which is best caught during sunrise or sunset for its sparkle, and Wat Traimit which is home to the world’s largest solid gold Buddha.

If you still have some umph in your step, then visit the ground of the Grand Palace. Spend a couple of hours here exploring the Dusit Palace Park and the emerald Buddha. Perhaps end your second night on a river dinner cruise.


Photo by Global-Gallivanting via Trover.com

Pick Your Pleasure

I like to leave the last day of these guides up to you with a few options. We’ve highlighted the must visit attractions in Bangkok. Now it’s time to explore what interests you most. Some options include visiting one of the city’s many markets, which resemble more of a street fair. A good example is the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The more adventurous sort may want to check out a local Muay Thai Boxing match for an interesting side of the peaceful Thai culture. Or, get in touch with nature as best you can in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok at Lumphini Park.

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