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3 Sports Activities in Cancun, Mexico

As the saying goes, “You know what the difference is between Miami and Cancun? They speak English in Cancun!” Cancun has earned a rather negative reputation among travel insiders. You know the type. The ones who call themselves “travelers, not tourists” with a judgmental nose in the air. To a point, they’re right. With a Subway or Starbucks on almost as many street corners as the U.S., Cancun can feel like just another American city. The only difference seems to be the accented English and undrinkable water.

Why is it a crime to be okay with Cancun as a vacation destination? You work hard. Shouldn’t vacation be about spoiling yourself with a little rest and relaxation? What better place to do that than on Cancun’s bleached white sand and turquoise water beaches? Sometimes the ideal vacation is to sit and do nothing. So maybe make that’s sit, drink, and do nothing. Better throw a book in there, so we don’t look like alcoholics.

Sports Activities in Cancun

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A week of doing nothing might get boring though for the sporting type. Here are three activities that can get the muscles working and the heart racing:

Golf on a Championship Course

Between juggling school car pool, soccer practice, and work, it’s sometimes hard to find time for those most loved hobbies. What’s wrong with squeezing them in on vacation? Golf is one of those hobbies that can be done almost anywhere—including Cancun.

Championship golf courses are a plenty with three Jack Nicklaus, two Greg Norman, and one PGA tournament courses. If you think that squeezing in a round might take too much time away from the family, then stay at one of these golf course resorts. The family can play while you’re away and your commute to the course is a five-minute walk!

Catch a Gnarly Wave

Who hasn’t tuned into ESPN during a surf competition and wondered what it feels like to catch a wave? Cancun has the perfect place to learn at Pipeline Surf School where the waves aren’t frighteningly enormous (which also makes Pipeline Surf School perfect for the entire family). Opt for private or group lessons or maybe even sign up for a more intensive camp. For those who aren’t quite adrenaline junkies, rent a stand up paddleboard and work on your core while the rest of the family catches a wave.

Sports Activities in Cancun

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Race in an Exotic Sports Car

Whoever says that auto-racing isn’t a real sport has never had their adrenaline pumping and heart racing in a high performance vehicle. Experience the thrill of being a racecar driver with Exotic Rides. Your day begins with an instructive ride around the course in a Camaro SS where the driver will teach you how to properly handle a racecar. After your lesson, continue the thrills in full speed laps in the exotic sports car of your choice.

It’s your vacation! Ignore the naysayers and head to Cancun where there’s enough activity to spice up your vacation.

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